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Learning cost accounting for JWO

Learning cost accounting for JWO

Our volunteer Chiral gave us this fantastic opportunity to display our products for free at the Jain Women’s Organization exhibition that was being organized by her contact.

We had only 3 weeks to get our products ready .


We were a little apprehensive as we had never done anything like this . Then as usual we decided to take a chance as, it was too tempting an opportunity to give it up .


We asked our  tailoring girls and the candle making girls and asked  them whether they were ready to commit to this. The agreed to join on this journey with us .


Suddenly there was a different kind of hustle bustle in Mnapsand Life. Everyone was excitedly pitching in whatever capacity they could .

Then the question of costing came in .We decided to rope in our volunteer Chiral to help us in the  calculation of the costing and the pricing of the products . The Challenge  was to price them in such a way that we had to cover our costs and at the same time not make them too expensive, the pricing had to be right so the customers would buy them for Diwali and for gifting .


We put the whole “hisab” on the Excel spreadsheet so as we can use it whenever we make a sale or if we decide to participate in another exhibition.


That was a very “Accountable “ experience in cost accounting for all of us  at Manpasand Life .

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